Payment Terms for International Tours

Payment Terms for International Tours

1          Who is Eligible for Foreign Travel

·        A Persons fulfilling the criteria of provisions of law relating to Foreign Exchange in India and RBI Rules,

·        Passport is valid for at least six months after the date of departure of the tour,

·        Have been granted relevant visas to reach the point of commencement of the tour and travel throughout with the group are eligible to book on the tour.

2          Booking Amount

·                 At the time of booking one must be in possession of original passport(s) valid for travel.

·                 Must read before filling and signing the official Booking Form:

§  complete details of the tour and Itinerary

§  Price inclusions and exclusions,

§  Terms and Conditions and the like in the brochure/Website

§  Travel Documents and visa rules for international tours


·                 On receipt of the non-refundable interest free booking amount mentioned on the Booking Form you will be issued an official receipt from us.

§  The Booking Form, Invoice and the Receipt shall be binding on the parties and shall constitute a contract between the parties.

§  The interest free non-refundable booking amount paid by you will be adjusted towards the cost of the tour.

§   Please also refer to relevant section of booking conditions for rules of forfeiture of booking amount.

All payments for the tour including booking amount should be made in favour of ‘Sambhav India’ by mode of fund payment as specified by Government of India

3          Payment Procedure Minimum Per Person Payment to be made

Advance Amount During Online Booking

Rs 25000/-

Minimum Booking Amount to be paid within 48 hrs of paying the Advance Amount as per Destination


Africa, Asia

Rs. 30,000/-


Rs. 40,000/-

Europe And America

Rs. 60,000/-


Rs. 25,000/-

Far East

Rs. 40,000/-       

South Africa

Rs. 60,000/-

Within 21 to 40 days prior to departure of  tour

90% of total tour cost

Within 20 days prior to the departure of the tour

100% of total tour cost

For Air tickets being issued / blocked on time limit: Full INR component is to be paid, else price will be subject to change.



4.         Invoices & Balance Payments

a)     Invoice will elaborate the due date for payment of the balance tour cost including the foreign exchange component of the tour.

b)     Your travel documents and airline tickets will only be released after receipt of full and final payment including the foreign exchange component.

c)      Delay in adhering to the date(s) for full payment would result in cancellation of your seat on the Tour and levy the Cancellation Charges.

d)     Balance payment must reach as per the schedule mentioned in your Invoice or at least 45 days prior to departure of your tour whichever is earlier.

5          Secure Your Booking deal by paying Rs. 2500/-per person Non-refundable:

a)     In the unlikely event of you cancelling the tour 40 days prior to the departure this scheme protects your booking amount based on the respective destinations against cancellation charges.

b)     This scheme does not cover your booking amount if the cancellation is done under 40 days prior to the departure.

c)      Secure your Booking amount scheme covers you for the following events only and documentary proof may be required by company to refund your booking amount.

                              i.          Death/ Major accident in the immediate family

                            ii.          Major Sickness where travel is not permitted under medical advice

                           iii.          Acts of God like Tsunami, Vast earthquake, and the like

                           iv.          Terrorist Activities Mumbai like

                            v.          Any Travel barred guidelines to the destination country by WHO like SARS

                           vi.          Any Political Turbulence in the Destination Country.

                          vii.          Advice from MEA Government of India